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Are you ready to grow your business THE RIGHT WAY?
We're looking for high growth potential women to build relationships, create growth and control their own economy and wealth.

Are you the right fit? Are WE the right fit for you?

What's your why?
Where are you going?
What's your next move?
What are the strategies to get you there?
How can you grow the business into NOT needing you?
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Launch Chix by Mogul Chix®

What’s Been Keeping You From Growing Your Business?

Have you been wanting to join a community of like-minded women on a similar journey? We are living in a time where everyone wants to sell you a coaching program or coach you. Listen, what you need at this stage is not just guidance to building your business, but a community of like-minded women who are on similar missions to grow and scale and become better business leaders.

Building a solid, properly run business is one of the keys to building wealth and legacy. And it cannot and should not be done alone. By joining Launch Chix™, you’d be creating your own inner circle of no nonsense women stepping into their power to take control over their own economies and earning potential.

There are many questions keeping Female Founders up at night. But so many are afraid to ask because they get canned responses or sales pitches instead of invaluable guidance on building a business the right way. They struggle with so many thoughts and resistance coming their way that they do what’s “practical” and pays the bills. So they do just enough to keep the business afloat.

Think about it. How many times have you asked:

  • Am I capable of building something that generates enough revenue?

  • Who will help me as the workload increases?

  • How do I take the leap & jump into this uncertain economy?

  • Will people buy from me?

  • How will I manage it all and not lose my sanity?

Well, STOP IT. Launch Chix™ is here to answer all of your questions and put you on the right path to growing your business, the right way. And best of all, put you in a room with women all actively working on their businesses.

Launch Chix is different than most clubs or networks. We don’t lead off with a course that feeds into a membership. This is an active community with local chapters in various cities across the country. The idea came just before COVID struck. Then as the pandemic deepened, we had to take everything in life online.

Well, the pandemic is over, and people are craving in-person interaction again. While the internet and social media was a saving grace, building connections face to face fosters trust, camaraderie, and a sense of belonging. Whether it’s a brunch, mastermind, breakfast meeting or field trip, people are looking to connect in a meaningful way.

When you join your local chapter (or virtually, if no chapter is in your area yet), you get so much more than meetings. Join Launch Chix and start laying the foundation to becoming a true CEO and building the business and legacy that allow you to build generational wealth and freedom.

So What Is Mogul Chix®?
How Can You Help Me?

We like to think of Mogul Chix® as a movement and an ecosystem. It’s where high performing Female Founders come to scale, grow their business, make power connections, increase revenue & profitability, fine tune operations, refine customer experience, build high performing teams. We provide business growth strategies consulting, structured business education, leadership advisory, resources, and strategic networking opportunities. We take a Founders First approach, and connect the dots for female founders to build strong companies, and bridge the gap between them and investors.

And you will save valuable time (and money) on research, concept testing, legal set up, customer acquisition, accounting & payment systems, website & other “techie stuff”,  branding, and marketing…all while creating a lucrative business that’s built for success and traction.

I know, you’re probably thinking “who’s this chick and how can she help me?”. I’m Adrienne Graham, serial entrepreneur, investor, and CEO & Founder of Mogul Chix®. My mission is to build confidence, leadership & PROFITABILITY in Female Founders. I am solely focused on delivering powerful & measurable results; providing direct strategies to achieve next level success; open the eyes, ears, minds and hearts to new ways of doing business; and making the uncomfortable comfortable.

In addition to having run my own companies since 1994, I have also served as a Mentor at a tech startup accelerator for 4 years, taught entrepreneurship, written books, hosted a radio show, published a magazine, and hosted a web tv show…all about entrepreneurship. At one point, I was deemed the Queen of Networking (after I wrote a few books about it).

Let me be clear. I’m building MOGULS who eventually build 7, 8 and 9+ figure COMPANIES. But to reach those levels, you must be able to grow to a healthy 6 figures first. And even before you can get to THAT level, you must strategically and successfully make moves that will allow for expansion. And that takes a lot of work, commitment and the right people in your corner. We’re here to guide you through this early phase of business, and cut through the bullshit and minutia to set you on your path to economic freedom and financial happiness.

How Do I Qualify for Membership?
Am I the Right Fit?

We’re looking for high performing, go getters who are interested in actively working on their businesses and build real relationships. This network isn’t for everybody, which is why we have put a screening process in place to ensure we only allow Female Founders with high potential.

Here are the requirements to join:

  • Be in business a minimum of two years,

  • Making under $500K per year in revenue,

  • Have intentions/aspirations to build a company,

  • Have a legally set up business entity,

  • Have active clients,

  • Be committed to showing up & doing the work,

  • Attend the monthly in-person meetings,

  • Be willing and able to meet for the one on one accountability sessions,

  • Be at minimum 51% owner in your business

What Do I Need to Do?
I Need This. How Can I Sign Up?

If you are unclear about your next level steps, stalled in a comfort zone, or just ready to step into the fast lane in building a legacy of generational wealth, you are in the right place.

The first step is to complete the membership application. After, you will receive a call from our office for an exploratory interview to assess fit, goals and needs. The next step is to match you with a local chapter (if there are none, you can be granted a special virtual membership with the nearest chapter). You’ll have a final interview with the Chapter Leader. Once approved, you will be granted membership, be directed to pay your membership fee, then begin your membership. Then you will receive an invitation to New Member Orientation where we’ll walk you through your membership features and answer any questions you may have.

Once a member, you’ll get access to local chapter meetings, masterminds, accountability calls, office hours, ongoing support, tools, templates, additional trainings and a group of women who will support your growth!

The cost to join the Launch Chix Community is $299 per month (or $3,500 annually). Here’s what’s included:

  • Access to Your Local Chapter for In Person Meetings

  • Monthly Topic-Specific Masterminds

  • Access to Vetted Business Opportunities

  • Field Trips for Business Education & Exercises

  • Tools to Help You Run a Better Business

  • Quarterly Network-Wide Jam Sessions

  • Quarterly One-On-One Accountability Calls

  • Access to Our Audio & Video Vault

  • Two in-Chapter Accountability Partners

  • Access to the monthly CEO Book Club (optional)

  • Free One Year Subscription to Mogul Chix® Magazine

  • Access to Our Private Forums

  • Discounts to Events

  • And a community of like-minded women who are there to learn from and help one another succeed at entrepreneurship.

The doors to the Launch Chix Community officially opens in January 2023. So get your application in as soon as possible.

Are you ready to grow your business? See more details below.

Membership Features
Launch Chix has an unparalleled suite of member benefits.
The doors to the Launch Chix Community officially opens in January 2023.

Monthly Topic Specific Masterminds

You’ll be able to meet monthly with your peers to bounce ideas off one another, get feedback on strategies, clarity, focus & accountability from like-minds.

Local Chapter Meetings

If getting back out to network excites, you love the in-person networking and meet & greet events in your city.

Accountability Calls

One on one quarterly accountability calls to follow up on your progress. Private 30 minute calls to keep up on what’s happening with you & in your company.

Network-Wide Jams Sessions

We’re bringing you the best thought leaders to do live Q&As with. You meet virtually every quarter, and then go off into breakout rooms to get to know other members.

Mentor Matching

Get matched with a mentor to get advice on how to run your business and to fill in the gaps in between masterminds & chapter meetings.

Vetted Business Opportunities

Get access to RFPs and business opportunities that can increase your revenue and level up your business.

Private Forums

We’ve created our own private custom forum. We don’t use any social media platform to house our conversations. We also have private Slack Channels to communicate with other members.

Video & Audio Vaults

Get access to our private vault of educational videos and audio full of tips & tricks to use to run your business and to fill in the gaps in between masterminds sessions.

Tools to Manage Your Business

Get access to the tools that successful entrepreneurs use that can help you automate, manage, scale and grow your business.

Complimentary CEO Therapy

Running a business is stressful. Sometimes you find yourself on a lonely island because your peers, friends and family don’t live this life. Everyone should see a therapist along their entrepreneurial journey. Members get 1 free therapy session, and referrals to local therapists.

Book Club

Continued learning is vital to all CEOs. We host a monthly book club with selections designed to build those mental CEO muscles. Club meetings are held at the end of each month to allow you time to read the selection and be prepared for the discussion.

Field Trips

Participate in extraordinary business and wealth building field trips. Whether immersion experiences, Wall Street visits, or legislative workings, trips are designed to elevate and educate. Trips are local, regional and national.

Membership Levels
* Lock in the Founding member rate and enjoy the introductory pricing for our Launch Chix Membership. $299/monthly (or $3,500/annually).
per month
per year
This is Just What I Need. I'm In! Sign Me Up.
Now that you know this is for you, let's get you started!

We are so glad you believe in the value of this network! But before you can join the Launch Chix Community, you have to first complete the application process.

The interviews are about 20 minutes each round, and you must attend each of the two interviews to be considered. Once you are accepted, you will attend a New Member Orientation before you can attend your first meeting.

We look forward to having you join us and seeing you thrive!

Interested in Leading a Local Chapter?
We're always looking for Chapter Leaders in various cities.

We need local Chapter Leaders. As we grow, we will be on a mission to put local Launch Chix Chapters in different cities. Contact us first to find out if there is a chapter in your area.

Chapters are limited to 20 members to retain the quality and integrity of each group. Once that limit is maxed out, we will consider opening new chapters as necessary.

To be a Chapter Leader, you must

  • complete the application and participate in an interview

  • attend Chapter Leader Orientation/Training

  • commit at least 4 hours per month to the chapter

  • facilitate 1 in-person meeting per month

  • be able to manage a chapter and create the tone for the chapter

  • be available once quarterly for a national membership virtual meeting

  • promote, post and speak to potential members about membership

  • and be ready to kick off your chapter in January 2023.

We are looking for driven leaders who have business and leadership experience. You must fit the general membership criteria, but also be on trajectory to make more than $500K within a year.

We offer Chapter Leaders:

  • 20% of member fees in your chapter

  • $500 referral bonus for each new member who is granted membership

  • training and onboarding

  • a memberships coordinator

  • tools to help you run your chapter & communicate

  • an annual week long Chapter Leaders Retreat.